Thursday, August 5, 2010


Last Sunday I was very disturbed because I could not find a Greenville News that had all of the coupon inserts inside. Because of this, I only purchased 1 newspaper. I have been informed that the inserts for the papers are put together separately and then given to the carrier to insert in the papers. There are a couple of reasons why the people who put these together would not put everything in.

1) It is too much trouble
2) It takes too much time to do it right
3 )They want the coupons for themselves either for personal use or to sell on Ebay or some other site.

Either way, I consider that stealing. I drive a long distance every Sunday just to get the paper. The only reason that I do this is to get the coupons. I believe that whoever is paying them should know what is going on, so I believe that every time this happens, we should all send an email to the Greenville News circulation dept and express our frustrations. If they get enough complaints, maybe they will look into the problem. Maybe they do not realize how many papers are bought just for the coupons. I think that it's time we showed them. Send the circulation manager an email HERE .

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