Sunday, August 1, 2010


I shopped 4 stores this week, but had small lists for each. I had to go to Wal Mart one day for potatoes, and the lowest I could find were 4.47 for 10 lbs. I normally buy these at a produce stand that is much cheaper, but it was not worth a special trip. While there, I bought 3 lbs ground chuck and white seedless grapes which were on sale for 97¢ a lb. Here are my totals:

Wal Mart 14.14
Savings: 3.53 on grapes

CVS: 3.66
Savings: 75.16

Publix: 13.17
Savings 32.42

Bi-Lo: 9.48
Saved: 10.46 (includes non-sale / non-coupon items.

Total spent: 40.45
Total Saved: 121.57 or 75%

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